Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Fake Couple – 29th Nov

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We had posed a blind item about this fake couple sometime back. Now Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item validating our claim. She ruined her marriage because of her drug abuse. Now it is being reported that she has lost all her money as well. This arrangement with her ex is mutually beneficial. It improves his image & her bank balance.
He needs this to shield him from the bad PR due another actress’s obsession with him. Thankfully he has signed several movie. His career seems to be on the right track. You can’t keep a good guy down for too long.

Blind Item
WHILE everyone and their sister wants to know if Mr and Ms are getting back together or not, the two protagonists here are keeping mum. No, it isn’t that they “need time to figure it out”. They just aren’t. The appearances of togetherness are just a charade in keeping up with good PR, as both parties have had much backlash since their split. And oh, Ms needs money too, her business is close to bankruptcy, and that wouldn’t look good on anyone’s Insta-account. So Mr, we hear, is bailing her out. Such a charming gentleman, no? No one else seems to think so.

Our Guess:
Mr & Ms: Suzanne Khan & Hrithik Roshan