Blind Item(Pinkvilla)-11th Oct

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He is a 50 yr old superstar, but is behaving like a teenager in love. His protege cum squeeze is basking in all the attention the superstar is showering on her. But we frankly think the superstar is making a fool of himself. Act your age uncle!

Blind Item
A beautiful Bollywood actress waiting for a hit is MIFFED with this superstar she stars with. The film also toplines a legendary superstar and a young actress who starred in the biggest blockbuster of Bollywood last year. So what makes this beauty angry? Now this superstar (not the legend) has been mentioning to all and sundry, including the media in his interviews, that the actress does not have an important role in the film.

This comes as a surprise, as he has acted with this hottie in a movie with the same production house. Not that heroines in Bollywood (unfortunately) have always had good roles opposite superstars to write home about. But we have never had a hero trying to sideline an actress in public just because he has a special interest in the newbie. It is said that he recommended the younger actress for the film.

The grapevine from B-town says that even the legend’s team feels that the ‘BLOCKBUSTER SUPERSTAR’ is only talking about one actress while not mentioning the other, as far as the new film is concerned. It is to be noted though that the actor has heaped praises on the legend openly. It is only the older actress he seems to be ignoring, while promoting the other who is a lookalike of her senior.

Our Guess
Actress waiting for a hit: Katrina Kaif
Legend: Amitabh Bachchan
Superstar: Aamir Khan
Young Actress: Fatima


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