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Blind Item(Pinkvilla)-13th Nov

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Pinkvilla has another blind item from the sets of a movie based on a bestselling novel. Luckily this blind item is not based on the leading actor, but on the director & his leading lady. He crossed swords with the production house that gave him big break as a director, post a failed acting stint. His last outing has been a failure of epic proportions. He is paranoid about his next movie & is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that it succeeds as he is aware that his career depends on it. The leading lady on the other hand has been dating a top politician’s grandson.

Blind Item
She is the young and talented daughter of talented actor parents who got a break in a film by a director whose last film was a box-office disaster. It was made with a huge budget but even though it boasted of big stars, the movie could not recover the cost. The director is known for his eccentric ways, which includes replacing his stars after shooting with them, firing his entire team of assistant directors and extending his shoots by lengthy amounts of time, and it happened with the new film too.
It’s a love story set against the mountains of the north but the film has already gone over budget because of escalating production values and the director’s confusion. Because of this, the newbie’s film has been not only delayed but her mentor-director has strictly forbidden her to sign any films before his film releases so that her fresh appeal is not lost – thus making the newcomer’s career come to a standstill as she has no other film in hand.
The newbie’s talent management agency was approached by an actress and her producer brother to act in their home production. Discussions had begun and everything was moving in a positive direction till the director (of her debut film) came to hear that the newbie was interested. All hell broke loose as he cajoled, coaxed and cried – till he finally managed to dissuade her from signing it. His argument was that his film should be her first priority as he had spotted her talent first. The director was upset as he felt the senior actress was trying to grab credit by claiming that she was grooming the newbie. Also, he was anxious if his protégé completed the second film and released it before his movie, the director couldn’t release his film as her debut film. His ego was hurt as he wanted the world to know that he was the one who was showcasing his actress. The young girl who is known to be quite a firebrand has quietly submitted to his demands and agreed to fall in line with whatever instructions he is doling out to her.
It’s sad because the young girl’s career is now stuck for a year with her mentor’s release much later. All her rivals’ films will get complete before her first film and release before her but who will make her stubborn director realize that?

Our Guess:
Debutant: Sara Ali Khan
Director: Abhishek Kapoor