Blind Item(Pinkvilla)-13th October

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We wonder what this actor thinks of himself. he barely has a few solo hits to brag about & has never had any 100 cr+ solo hero hit till date. All his directors have had issues with him. He is notorious for being needy, insecure, interfering & unprofessional. Wonder what makes him think he is as good as the hero touted to be the successor of the Khans!

Blind Item
The filmmaker must be ruing the day he signed his two male stars for his film. First, the two actors took their own sweet time to sign the film. They finally signed it after many assurances from the filmmaker and inking a tough contract to ensure that their roles would be substantial and neither would get a raw deal. Both the actors were paid almost the same amount to prevent acrimony between themselves, though one has a more substantial and author-backed role than the other. The two have presented a fake front of cordiality and friendship in front of the world till now but now that the film is almost complete, the cracks are getting wider and tension between the two leading actors is threatening to split this stunningly beautiful romantic drama wide open.
While there have been no tantrums from the duo during the shooting of this romantic film, industry sources affirm that they are at loggerheads over the promotion of the film. Both parties are eager to know how the other is being promoted and when articles come on one in the media, the other’s publicist immediately calls up to send another article this evening out the score. It’s obvious that now it’s become a game of one-upmanship between both, with their teams joining in. The way things are going now it looks tough whether the filmmaker will be able to promote his film with the two actors presenting a joint front. At this point in time, both the actors are not even on speaking terms and their cold war is being discussed in hushed tones by their teams. Even during the poster release of one of the actor’s, the other one released it almost perfunctorily – as if he had to because he was told.
Trade sources insist that the filmmaker is a trifle upset with the more senior actor as he’s refusing to complete certain patchwork sections of the film with the younger actor, who is upset too as his dates are getting wasted. The senior actor is feeling neglected as he thinks the filmmaker is pampering his colleague who has worked with him in some earlier films. The filmmaker’s equation with the younger actor is making the other actor feel insecure. Insiders insist that the filmmaker is almost tearing out his hair in despair as he fears an imminent showdown between his actors when they finally share screen space again to complete the film. The filmmaker was to release his trailer earlier but had to cancel the original one as his leading men insisted on making certain changes to ensure they had equal screen time in it.
Buzz is that even the leading lady of the film is also not too happy with the way, admiration and praise are being showered on the younger actor by the film’s team. She feels it’s her film and the film should be promoted on her as much as anybody else. But right now she’s biding her time till the time of release to wait and watch what finally happened.
Well, we are sure the filmmaker has nothing to worry about as everyone will come together soon to present a united front during the time of release – as it usually happens.

Our Guess
Movie: Padmavati
Senior Actor: Shahid Kapoor
Younger Actor: Ranveer Singh
Leading Lady: Deepika Padukone


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