Blind Item(Pinkvilla)-16th Oct

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One hit on her own steam & this actress cum fashionista thinks she is hot property. Truth be told, nobody thinks she has any acting talent to speak of. Most of the hits she starred in were successful because of her co stars. She has no die hard fans to speak of. The one hit, where she played the titular character did well due to good direction & tight script. It did help that she resembled the titular character. She is now reported to have picked a fight with a senior actress, who is in denial about her fame which has been on the wane since the time she got married. Bollywood is biased towards women madam. You cant expect fans to fall at your feet post marriage. Fashionista’s brother too is following in her footsteps. He fought with award show organizers for not handing over the Best Debut award to him & giving it to a regional import instead. Their parents have done a horrible job at raising their kids!

Blind Item
This movie revolving around a road trip is certainly going through its fair share of problems. First, it had a delayed start because of finances and then its leading lady got pregnant delaying the film by months. And now the film has started shooting but we have heard of a catfight between the leading lady and one of the actress’ in the film, whose relative is producing it. The best part is they have been acting the best of buddies for the entirety of the schedule!

The movie has many actresses and while an air of great fun, camaraderie and bonhomie between them have been projected right from the first day of shoot – the fact is, it is far from the truth. There have been creative differences on the sets right from day one, in the long schedule, as all the actresses come from different acting backgrounds. Now because this actress’ kin is producing the film, she is focusing on every detail and frame so she can give the perfect shot and the leading actress, who is considered to be a diva in her own right, doesn’t like it one bit. She is used to getting attention all the time and soon got irritated by the younger actress’s OTT dramebaazi.

It so happened an afternoon that one shot became too many by the younger actress. As she kept on taking retake after retake to get her perfect frame, the diva got up and threw a tantrum. She told her junior she was wasting everybody’s time and money by doing this and that she should stop. The junior actress, known to be a firebrand in her own right, gave it back saying she would do as many retakes as she wanted and nobody could stop her. More fireworks ensued till the hapless director decided to call it a day. Now it is heard that because of the catfight the producers have packed up their outdoor schedule two days ahead and have returned to Mumbai.

The funny thing is that after the schedule wrapped up, the producer sahiba insisted that all the actresses come together and shoot videos of great friendship and laughter – which they did. But the moment the camera was off, everybody went to their own corners and sulked.

When will stars realize that it’s the producer’s money at stake and their starry nakhras just pull down the value of a film?

Our Guess
Leading Lady: Kareena Kapoor
Younger Actress: Sonam Kapoor


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