Blind Item(Pinkvilla)-17th Nov

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This blind item from Pinkvilla is about an actress who has been starring in a series of flops post a superhit musical co-starring her ex-bf & another hit with a young star, which was an actioner. But the hero of the action movie, replaced her with his gf. Her love life has been topsy turvy, with her father objecting to her relationship with an older divorcee. We hope she gets her act together soon, for her own sake!

Blind Item
It seems that this leading lady is facing a rough patch in her professional life. She delivered a box-office turkey in a woman-centric film in which she played the titular character this year; having a family member in a pivotal role in the film didn’t help her or the film.
Now, the buzz is that she may be ousted from an upcoming film for which she has begun prepping. This young and gorgeous leading lady is having a hard time learning the ropes of the sport. She has signed this film with a reputed director who is also known to be quite a perfectionist.
The trainers training her belong to an academy of repute and are apparently fed up with her. They have been trying to help the actress learn the game but they say that the actress just can’t seem to get it and does not have the stamina to pull off the role. She has been injured multiple times and is not able to cope up.
The coach of the athlete on whom the film is based has finally given an ultimatum to the makers. He feels that the actress does not have it in her to play the role of this ace sportsperson. He has delivered the message to the film’s team to either replace the actress or altogether shelve the film. The makers will soon take their call, will this film on a celebrated athlete be shelved? Well, only time will tell.
Can you guess who this actress is? Let us know in comments…

Our Guess:
Leading Lady: Shraddha Kapoor preparing for Saina Nehwal biopic