Blind item(Pinkvilla)-26th September

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This family is the subject of a lot of blind items these days! Looks like this marriage is headed for splitsville. There has been reports of her not getting along with her in laws. It doesn’t help that her comeback did not elicit the kind of response she hoped for. She is reduced to playing second fiddle to younger actresses. If you asks us, this air head deserves it!

Blind Item
This actress, known for her stunning beauty, was taken aback at an awards function when she could not find anyone to keep her company. That’s right, the actress, who can still give the young ones a run for their money, looked ravishing at the show. She however, found she had no friends to hang out with, perhaps a result of being reserved and cautious for far too long.
Buzz is that her sister-in-law, who was also present at the event, also gave her the slip, leaving her in an awkward position. However, she was rescued by her handsome co-star, who made sure to stick by her through the evening, after noticing her sorry plight.
Guess who?

Our Guess
Actress: Aishwarya Rai


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