Blind Item(Pinkvilla)-6th Nov

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It has been years since they broke up, but they continue to be in an on-off relationship. She broke up with him & started dating a young hear throb who not only looks good, but also is known for his acting chops. Her A-list superstar ex-bf was so jealous of his heroine’s then bf that he summoned his ex-gf to come & meet him. She did not inform her then bf & met the superstar. The superstar made sure that her bf hears about their secret meeting. Obviously hell broke loose & the couple had an ugly spat. The actress broke up with her heart throb bf a year later due to him discovering her shady past. There have been several blind items of the superstar & ex-gf getting back together. We hope it works out for them this time around.

Blind Item
Breakups and patch-ups are quite common in Bollywood. While incidences of ex-flames getting back together or spending some ‘close time’ together have been reported in the past, we got some juicy gossip for you involving a superstar and his certain ex.
The superstar who is known to share a close relationship with his certain ‘ex’ and is also doing an action movie with her, was seen getting too cosy with his co-star during an international schedule of their upcoming movie.
An insider informs us that the A-list actor was all over his leading lady, covering her with a blanket while they cocooned each other in the cold. Shoot or no shoot, the two shared an equation which was too good to be just ‘close friends’.
The buzz around this superstar and his now ex-girlfriend refuses to die down. It was also reported that it was because of this actor that the leading lady has been signed for other big budget movies involving superstars as well.
Even after their breakup, the leading lady shared a close relationship with his family and was often seen hanging out with them. Not only that, the superstar himself has been very protective of her, who recently split with her last boyfriend, who is also a movie star.
The superstar was apparently very angry when the leading lady promoted her last movie alongside her ex-boyfriend.
With her next movie expected to resurrect her career, we wonder what will happen when the duo will begin promoting the said movie together.

Our Guess:
Actress: Katrina Kaif
Superstar: Salman Khan