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Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Bankrupt Husband – 29th June

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Pinkvilla has posted a blind item about a star who is unable to foot his wife’s jewellery bill as he is bankrupt.

She is a talented superstar & is surviving in Bollywood in spite of naysayers who say that female actor’s star goes down post marriage. She belongs to the first family of Bollywood, while her husband is of royal descent. We envied him of being the lucky man who ended up marrying her. But looks like all that glitters is not gold.

She is just like her sis & mother. Her ex-superstar sister too was known to splurge her ex-husband’s money on designer jewellery, clothes etc. Their mother is known in Bollywood circles as a shrewd, calculating woman. Their mother left their father & hooked up with a yesteryear movie villain. The mother made her sister breakup with her fiancee – the scion of a an actor who is considered to be a living legend. Some say that the reason behind the breakup was the mother asking for the exact share of the living legend’s estate which will be bequeathed to his son. Other rumors suggest it was because the living legend & his wife discovered that their son’s fiancee is an escort(click here to read more).

Anyway we are deriving sadistic pleasure with knowledge of the fact that the actor is not as happy with his hottie wife as it is made out be. Being married to such a high maintenance woman is not easy.

Blind Item
No matter how rich some people are, they always procrastinate when it comes to paying their dues. They shop for the most high-end, designer luxury brands, travel to exotic destinations, charter flights galore to any corner of the world and throw expensive parties at seven-star hotels but when it comes to coughing up the money for the expenses incurred, a few adopt delaying tactics.

Such is the case of an actor, whose career has been in the doldrums for some time but bought a lot of jewellery for his wife earlier this year. While his properties across the country run into crores of rupees, he has told his jeweller that he doesn’t have 20 lakh to pay for his wife’s jewels. The star owns expensive flats in Mumbai too and he and his actress-wife are known for their expensive tastes in chocolates, cheese, champagne and wine which flow freely when they throw parties. However, the actor is choosy when it comes to signing films because he has ancestral money so he can afford to sit it out, picking the movies he wants to do.

Of course, the star has a ready excuse – his movies have been duds at the box office and he hasn’t been on a signing spree, hence he doesn’t have any money in his bank to pay off the jeweller right now. At least, that’s what he told the hapless jeweller whom he’s kept waiting for months – he is financially bankrupt and can only pay once the money comes in. But immediately after that, the actor and his wife along with their child flew off to a luxury resort in Europe for a month-long vacay.

Interestingly, his wife is herself endorsing lots of brands and can afford to pay for her own jewellery. She loves everything that has a designer stamp and all things expensive – the huge rocks that she loves to sport on her fingers and ears are her personal favourites. The diamonds, rubies and emeralds in her jewellery collection are much-talked about masterpiece collections. But she is known to be stingy when it comes to spending her own money when probably she can afford to do it much more than her husband. The actor too is known for his expensive collection of exquisite watches.

We are left wondering when the star couple has so much money between them, why are they not paying the jeweller today? He must be probably ruing the day he sold his jewellery to them. Or maybe they are singing the song from De Dana Dan to him… “Paisa paisa karti hai, kyu paise pe tu marti hai!”

Our Guess
Bankrupt Actor: Saif Ali Khan
Wife: Kareena Kapoor

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