Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Beverage Wars – 4th Dec

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a beverage brand being annoyed with its brand ambassador for sporting a rival brand’s clothing.

Cola brands spend millions on marketing & promotions. They sign on celebrities for astronomical sums to endorse their brands. So they are right to be pissed, if their brand ambassador is seen sporting a rival brand’s merchandise. Beverage or rather cola wars can get rather dirty.

The actor in question is worried about his father’s health. We do hope his father gets well soon. He himself is a self confessed cigarette addict. But our sources inform us that more than cigarettes, he is addicted to cocaine. Just like several other stars, he too has a weakness for the white substance. He was once caught by cops for carrying huge amounts of cocaine, but a builder friend paid 50L in hard cash & bailed him out.

We are still wondering till when his fake relationship with his new co-star will continue. Will they break up after their movie releases or will they extend it to marriage like a global star recently did?(click here to read more)

Blind Item

This young star is charming, talented and has delivered his career best performance in a film this year. Companies line up to sign this handsome actor as the face of their brand. However, a beverage brand he endorses is rather upset with this actor for flaunting the merchandise of a rival brand. The actor was caught sporting a rival brand’s clothing. Since he is also a style icon and makes a statement with his fashion choices, the brand is not happy about it.

The brand in question has expressed their displeasure to the actor’s team. They have informed his team that they may re-think their decision before going ahead with renewing the contract with the actor if he is spotted in public again wearing any merchandise of the rival beverage brand.

Our Guess

Young Star: Ranbir Kapoor
Beverage Brand: Pepsi


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