Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Brazilian Model – 29th May

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Pinkvilla has published the real reason behind this celebrity couple’s divorce. A brazilian model seems to be the reason behind the couple parting ways.

Newspapers, tabloid & gossip mags are having a field day writing about Bollywood’s latest celeb divorce(click here to read more. Pinkvilla has come up with a theory behind the actor’s divorce. It is not the ex-wife of a superstar like we suspected, but a brazilian model. We do hope the husband-wife move on past this troublesome phase

Blind Item
Marriages are breaking apart faster than a pack of falling cards in the world of entertainment, these days. We have seen many top stars’ marriages breaking up and celebrity couples going through messy divorces. Buzz is that an actor couple who separated this year had their own issues since the last few years leading to the final split. His acting career has also been going through a lean phase which didn’t help the marriage much. But now we got to know the real reason why the couple has agreed to separate…

The top actor has been in the news for dating other women, including rumours of him dating other star wives, for years but till now the actor’s wife turned a blind eye and chose to ignore his escapades. Apparently, what finally broke her resolution not to give him a divorce was when he shifted into his new apartment in the suburbs a few months ago with a hot, young Brazilian fashion model. And guess what? His new home is a few hundred yards from his earlier one! The star and his model GF met during a brand shoot last year and since then the two have become inseparable. Apparently, he is head-over-heels in love with her and the romance has reached a pretty serious stage. She’s one of the most in-demand foreign models in the Indian fashion scene.

The actor has been going through a stressful time ever since rumours of his troubled marriage broke out few years ago. The linkups with various women didn’t help and while a strong rumour linking him with a celebrity’s wife circulated a couple of years ago, it was squashed by this actor’s cozy public appearances with his (now separated) wife. While we have heard that the actor had wanted a separation from his wife quite some time back, she refused it as certain amount of property (owned by both) was at stake. But when news of him shifting in with the leggy model reached her ears, she finally gave in and agreed to a separation.

Our Guess
Actor: Arjun Rampal
Model: Isabelle Leite

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