Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Cocaine Snorter – 21st Feb

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a superstar whose cocaine snorting ways led to a shocking turn of events.

On a recent trip to Goa, a friend told me about this superstar’s love for cocaine. While his closest competitor is low on energy despite snorting copious amount of cocaine, this superstar is hyper active. People who have consumed cocaine will tell you, that the effects of snorting cocaine require several hours to wear off. Till then one is hyper active & restless. Being born to rich parents, we are assuming the superstar has been snorting for quite a while. Anyway, cocaine is bollywood’s favorite past time(click here to read more). Not only is it a stress buster, it gives the celebs energy to go through their hectic schedules.

We have always maintained that this star & his wife were in an open relationship. Looks like their marriage too is open. While this incident got published, there must be many instances of such things going unreported. After all 1 out of 2 women will go to any lengths to please the superstar & have a moment to remember with probably the country’s future box office emperor.

As of today, nothing can stop him from becoming the numero uno star. We hope he keeps his addiction under control.

Blind Item

That Bollywood stars often indulge in intoxication is something that is known to all. And this popular actor is famous for his intoxicating stints in the industry and has managed to grab eyeballs every now and then. Whether it is his hyperactive energy or his long loo breaks during promotions and media appearances, he has barely stayed away from addiction.

This recent update about the star has shocked us a bit. An onlooker revealed to us that the much-in-demand actor made a visit to this plush night club in the burbs of Mumbai a few days back. Despite being ‘high’, the actor was in his element and brought the house down while his ladylove was away.

While he was at the club, the actor wanted to snort more, and thus rushed to the girls’ washroom, not realizing where he was entering. Obviously, he bumped into two girls, who were thrilled to find this handsome hunk. However, their thrill changed into shock when the lad requested one of the girls to go topless so that he could snort on their bare back. While one of the girls refused, the other one agreed. “After snorting the actor smelled the top and gave it back to the girl and rammed out of the washroom, and was then dancing atop the bar counter,” reveals the source.

Our Guess

Popular Actor: Ranveer Singh


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