Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Cool New Couple – 6th Sept

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a cool new couple in town – a superstar & a singer

For the longest time he maintained the image of a faithful husband. But the charade stopped a few years back, when news of his affair with an actress came out(click here to read more). There were rumors that his third son is actually his grandson! Now we are hearing about his new mistress. Looks like he is more into women than men these days.

His wife on the other hand is known for her kitty parties where drugs are available freely & hot men entertain the women. Sadly many considered this marriage to be the epitome of a happy marriage. But it is actually a big farce.

Blind Item
If sources are to be believed, this 50-something Bollywood superstar, known for his infectious charm on his female co-stars and female fans of all age groups across the globe and divorced British-Indian female singer are the cool new couple on the celebrity scene.

They first met at a sports event, a couple of years ago, but have been in touch since. He was so mesmerised by her soulful voice that he went on to give her popular playback tracks in his films. She, in turn, fell for his romantic flair and spontaneity and this continued to strengthen their bond.

But things started hotting up only last year after the superstar took a break from his previous actor girlfriend. The fashion circles are abuzz with the grand gestures he has been making; from getting front row seats at top Fashion Weeks in Europe to limited edition Hermes bags.

Can you guess who the superstar and singer in question are? Let us know in the comments below

Our Guess:
Superstar: SRK
Singer: Kanika Kapoor