Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – Covet Friend’s GF – 21st May

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about a superstar who wants to covet his friend’s GF!

He is a superstar with greed god good looks. His wife divorced him thanks to his philandering ways(click here to read more)He has been embroiled in a major controversy with a Bollywood Queen. She accused him of being in a relationship with her & then dumping her. While he called her delusional, for thinking that they were ever more than friends. This led to a police case, war of words on news channels & more. Bollywood was split into two camps. Some sided with the female superstar while most sided with the greek god.

Those who supported the female star bore the brunt of the male superstar’s anger(click here to read more on this). While we were confident of the greek god’s innocence, this blind item has made us question our unwavering support for the star. We must admit, we are a tad disappointed by the greek god’s behavior. We hope it was a misunderstanding. He may have asked her to meet to discuss a role in an upcoming movie.

The junior actor mentioned in the blind item on the other hand is on a high. His last movie was a superhit. His box office run is giving his rivals sleepless nights(click here to read more). He has been going steady with his GF. he wants to marry his GF & has asked her to quit her acting career. But she has flatly refused. Afterall her career too is going great guns!

Blind Item
We should have become used to Bollywood’s ability to shock and amaze, but guess there is a lot left for us to see. Because here is another juicy gossip from the tinsel town that is just as unbelievable as it is true. The latest we have heard is about two actors who share a very good bond. The junior among the two has always looked up to the senior and the latter has returned the compassion on many occasions. But here is where the story gets really, really interesting. Turns out, presently the senior actor is eyeing the younger actor’s girlfriend! Ouch!

A little birdie tells us the young star’s hot girlfriend, an internet favourite, was shocked when she received a text from the senior actor asking her out on a date. Taken aback, she, of course, turned the request down. She called her beau and informed him of the same. Obviously, the talented actor was left fuming. Any man would confront the person hitting on his girl, right? The hurt, disappointed and upset actor can’t. Because, as destiny would have it, the actors are soon to start shooting for a big budget film together. So, this actor has decided to keep quiet for the while! Talk about being stabbed in the back. We are curious to see the course of this friendship that has only begun its roller coaster ride.

Have you guessed who we are talking about? If you have, do share your guesses in the comments below.

Our Guess
Senior: Hrithik Roshan
Junior: Tiger Shroff
Hot GF: Disha Patani

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2 thoughts on “Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – Covet Friend’s GF – 21st May

  • May 21, 2018 at 8:05 pm

    It was Bollywood Life. Not Pinkvilla. And his wife himself said so many times, there was no third person. So, wat philandering ways are u constantly talking about? Who was he linked to in his 18 yrs of marriage? Barbara? She herself has publicly denied it so many times. She must be laughing at how long people in India keep accusing her of trying to break home of her friend. Marriages break down due to so many reasons. Infidelity is not the only one. Unlike other stars, Hrithik has some standards for himself. He is the only star who does not recommend any actress for his films n is very professional. If he was a philanderer, he wud hv had 500 girlfriends by now.

    • May 21, 2018 at 10:21 pm

      His wife is a cocaine addict & is on his payroll. She gets paid by him for making appearances with him & their kids. Thanks to her cocaine addiction she has not been able to run her business. In order to fund her addiction she has to say good things about him. Besides, they have two kids together & neither want them to get affected by all this. That explains why he never spoke of Sussane’s affair with Arjun Rampal. Till date he has been linked up to Kareena, Barbara, Katrina & Shweta – which is not much by Bollywood standards. But anyone who has an extra marital affair is a philanderer. But yes, he is a thorough professional. There is no denying that fact. He is one of the most dedicated superstars around. We do wish he takes up more work though.


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