Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Cranky Superstar – 19th Dec

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a cranky superstar. The actor is unhappy with the money he is making from brand endorsements.
He is one of the highest tax payers in the country, but he is not satisfied. Truth be told, he is a huge star, but not in the league of the Khan triumvirate. While the Khans never have to bother about getting endorsement deals, our superstar in question has to work for them.
His aggression is what has made him the superstar he is today. Not only does he chase plum projects, he chases hot women aggressively as well. Off late he has been smart enough to not hook up with A-league actresses, but with lesser known ones. A hot TV star landed a role opposite him, post several “screen tests” by the superstar. It is well known that he has hooked up with almost all his actresses. That is the only way to find his favor. If a Harvey Weinstein type scandal happens in India, then he will be the most affected.
What people don’t know is that he is a cricket buff. He watches all India matches & bets heavily on them. His crony, who is the son of an ex wrestler-actor was the one who used to bet on his behalf. Unfortunately it was the crony who got caught, while superstar roamed around freely due to lack of evidence. In India, the rich still do manage to get away with just about everything. Until the media comes to know about it!

Blind Item
Bollywood stars and their ways are always difficult to understand. This actor recently signed a new agent in a bid to expand his work portfolio and to cash in on his brand. The actor’s films have been back to back successes and he hoped that signing the new agent will help him make more moolah and get him more projects.

However, the agent has been unable to get any concrete assignments or endorsements for the actor. This has left the actor extremely upset. He has been waiting for six months to finalise something. Rumors linking the actors to all the big films keep floating, however, nothing substantial has materialized. The actor has been working with the same directors and the same producers. Having a new agent has not helped him one bit.

The actor is seriously considering walking out on the film. He has apparently given them a final warning; if they are unable to get something concrete, they will be replaced. The actor seems to be adamant about replacing them if things don’t work out soon.

The actor has also shown interest in doing shows, however, the agency has not been able to get him to sign even one.

The agent who is quite popular in B-Town had a major fallout with another superstar after which the actor had signed them on. There were rumors that this arrangement had created a rift between the two superstars.

Can you guess who we are talking about?

Our Guess:
Superstar: Akshay Kumar
Manager – Reshma Shetty
Other Superstar: Salman Khan

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