Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Ego Clashes – 14th April

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about the ego clashes between two top directors.
We wonder whether Pinkvilla has a secret deal with this top filmmaker. The sheer amount of blind items based on the filmmaker & his actors will make you question them(click here to read recent blind items from Pinkvilla based on the top filmmaker)
We wonder what is the status of the other top filmmaker’s marriage though. There were rumors that he left his wife for one of his heroines. The heroine has not been seen since then.

Blind Item
Ego clashes between two filmmakers are extremely common in the tinsel town and when it comes to the top filmmakers of the country, it’s a different ballroom altogether.

This time around a top filmmaker reportedly kept another filmmaker waiting for almost 30 minutes before they finally met to discuss a film they are co-producing. The movie which was recently announced stars a young gen actor who recently received a lot of acclaim for playing an antagonist.

A little birdie informs us that this particular filmmaker who made the other one waiting had signed him for a project which did not see the light. However, when the action-comedy filmmaker decided to make a film with one of the most sought actors of today’s time, the other filmmaker who had signed him in jumped in to make the film.

Not just that, the filmmaker also reportedly started planning the positioning of the movie but the other filmmaker put him in place by saying that it was going to his film and not the way the publicity-hungry maker wants it to be. The other filmmaker had no choice but to bow down and seethe as he was getting an actor who could bring in huge numbers at the box office.

Our Guess
Top Filmmaker: Rohit Shetty & Karan Johar
Young Gen Actor: Ranveer Singh
Movie: Simmba

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