Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Embarrassed GF – 9th June

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Pinkvilla has posted a blind item about an actress who was embarrassed by her BF’s joke

We have always told our readers about how shrewd this actress is(click here to read more)She was dating her current alleged BF, whom she dumped for a young heartthrob. Unfortunately for her his parents discovered shady secrets from her past & made their son break up with her. Now she back to her ex-BF’s harem. When you are part of his harem, he will ensure that you land plum roles, but you will be at the receiving end of his jokes.

Blind Item

Known for his wit and sarcasm, this A-list actor often manages to put people in a spot with his comments. Those close to him are used to this behaviour of his and often don’t take it to heart. And this popular actress is surely privy to these sort of comments from the actor. He had once managed to embarrass her at a party he had organized by linking her to her boyfriend’s surname, making the audience go ‘woaaahhh’ in harmony!

Now, again the actor has landed this diva in a spot. Recently, when the lady in question had gone to visit the star when he was promoting his movie, she was stunned by the statement that came her way. In a jovial mood, this A-list gentleman told his alleged lady love that the month of June belongs to her. Perplexed by his statement, she gave a very confused look.

Teasing her further, the actor asked whom would she choose this June? Not understanding where the conversation was headed to, the actress lost patience and asked him what was he trying to say! Needless to say, the actor blurted out his emotions jokingly by saying – June has two releases, one movie stars your ex and one movie stars your ‘allegedly complicated’ friend. So which one will you watch?!

While everyone around the superstar was left in shock as well as splits, the leggy lass was stunned with this and felt absolutely embarrassed. She preferred to walk out of the studio and headed straight to the car. Obviously, the actor then understood the situation and immediately went out and was seen speaking to her. He then hugged her and escorted her to the car, making most of them wonder what’s cooking between the two!

With the actress’ behaviour, we get no points in guessing which movie will the lady watch! We are sure you guys have already guessed who are we talking about?!

C’mon, this one’s evidently simple!

Well, who doesn’t love a good comeback?

Our Guess
A-list Actor: Salman Khan
Lady Love: Katrina Kaif
Ex – Ranbir Kapoor

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8 thoughts on “Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Embarrassed GF – 9th June

  • June 9, 2018 at 11:15 pm

    When did Salman become Kat’s BF? Iulia is still with him.Kat loves to spread lies. He never escorted her to the car.Media would have captured. Blind is fake.

    • June 10, 2018 at 12:25 pm

      Pinkvilla has published two blind items about them being a couple so we doubt whether its untrue. Besides Salman is not known to be one of the most loyal BF’s in town is he? All his exes have accused him of cheating. It is an open secret that any woman who gets too close to him sees her career skyrocket. Katrina’s career badly needs a push right now & even her sister is making her debut thanks to Salman’s pull in the industry

  • June 12, 2018 at 7:23 pm

    Why are you posting old news.This was for the sake of TZH promotions there were rumours about their togetherness. Today they are not together except work related. 2 days before after Baba Siddique iftaar party when Dhoni and Sakshi visited galaxy apartments Iulia Vantur was there and not Katrina. Most of the time Iulia is spotted in Galaxy.Nobody has captured Katrina In Galaxy Or Panvel. You must be Kat’s PR publishing fake news. Let the news be believable.
    This happened 2 days back.

    • June 12, 2018 at 10:25 pm

      chill out dude. neither am i kat’s PR & neither am i against lulia. I just publish blind items based on what other portals & newspapers publish. Pinkvilla & TOI published those articles didn’t they? The day they say Salman & Lulia are exclusive, i will stop posting about Katrina-Salman.

  • June 13, 2018 at 3:01 pm

    Don’t publish old news from 2017 for heaven’s sake.Continue linking kat with Salman.But we need evidence.

    • June 13, 2018 at 4:47 pm

      getting evidence is very difficult. there are many who believe that salman-kat never dated thanks to neither of them ever acknowledging the relationship publicly. besides there is no concrete evidence that lulia-salman are dating either as neither have spoken about it. They just indirectly accept that there is more to their friendship


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