Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Foreign Friend – 19th June

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a superstar whose foreign friend is upset with him for choosing to tour abroad with his ex-GF & snubbing her

It is now common knowledge that this famous bachelor is a great friend, even better mentor but a horrible BF. He has cheated on all his exes. That is one of the biggest reasons why his relationships don’t work. He knows he cant stay loyal, so has decided to not get married & remain a virgin!(his words not ours).

We wonder why he is goes gaga over this ex-gf. She broke up with him & started dating a young heartthrob. But that was before she used his clout to become the Bollywood queen bee. After getting dumped by the heartthrob she ran back into the superstar’s arms. He is now ensuring that her career is back on track. He is also mentoring her sister’s career.(click here to read more)

It takes no genius to figure out that the superstar wants to play Bang Bang with his ex-gf. This won;t be possible if his GF is around & so has smartly asked her not to accompany him. We do hope he mends his ways & settles into marital bliss.

Blind Item
This foreign friend of a superstar seems to be indulging in a fight with him over traveling with him for an international event wherein he will be accompanied by his former girlfriend and co-star. The friend is insisting that he be with her while he is traveling but the star is against it. The reason being that his co-star who is going to be part of the event may not like it and we all know that the co-star and this friend have never been seen in the same frame ever clearly indicating that the two are not comfortable with each other.

Guess the star is only avoiding a clash or may be a showdown between the two of them.

Our Guess
Superstar: Salman Khan
Former Girlfriend: Katrina Kaif
Foreign Friend: Lulia Vantur

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