Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Gorgeous Diva Walks Out Of A Movie – 11th April

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a gorgeous diva, who walked out of a movie due to financial issues.
The diva’s PR team will make you believe that she is flooded with offers. But the truth is that she barely has a few. She was renowned for her beauty & less so for her histrionics on screen. She has had a reputation of bringing bad luck into the careers of the men that she got involved with. Even the reigning superstar, with whom she had a torrid affair went through a tough phase when he was involved with her. The next man she dated was the rising star of his time. He is now reduced to doing character roles. It was then that she dated & married the son of the country’s biggest movie star ever. He was just finding his feet after several years of struggle. He was finally becoming a name to reckon with & marriage happened. He is also relegated to doing supporting roles in multi starrers.
But thankfully she is not a sucker for publicity like another female star who became a mother recently. This gorgeous diva never used her kid for publicity. She indeed does have class.
The production house mentioned in the blind item has been the subject of many blind items (click here to read the other blind items based on the troubled production house)

Blind Item
Bad news doesn’t seem to end for this production house which has been going through some tough times recently. After facing near bankruptcy and legal cases over their forthcoming films, things have gotten worse for this hotshot producer in tinsel town.

A little birdie in the know has told us that an A-list actress, who was on board for a three-film deal with this producer, has pulled out of the two forthcoming projects which were yet to be announced. The good looking actress has shot for one film with the production house and was in talks for two more movies that were to be announced next month. However, with the rising instances of non-payment by the hoity-toity producer, the actress decided to stay away from these movies.

A source informed us that the actress in question wants to be away from controversies and given the current scenario, things are quite shaky for the production house. In fact, the gorgeous diva even discussed this with her family, who was of the same opinion that she shouldn’t take up films with this producer till things don’t fall in place.

Naturally, the actress’ decision has come as a blow to the producer, who was quite Gung-ho about working on two more projects with the leading lady. She had in fact also put all the announcement plans in place. The official announcement was scheduled for next month, just before the A-list actress would make her appearance at a popular film festival, evidently to make the most of the opportunity. But all of it now seems to have gone in vain!

Guess, in Bollywood, it indeed is all about the money! Any guesses who are we talking about?

Our Guess
Actress: Aishwarya Rai
Production House: KriArj Entertainment

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