Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Grandiose Rehash – 27th March

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a top filmmaker’s next movie being a grandiose rehash of another movie.

When we heard about the casting for this movie, we were sure that it will garner a lot of attention. A big shot filmmaker directing the project was the icing on the cake. Social media was abuzz with memes ridiculing the huge age gap between the lead pair. There were hushed whispers as to whether the young actress’ BF was okay with her acting opposite the megastar.

If this blind item is to be believed, this project seems to be right up the director’s alley. The script being on the lines of the director’s previous films & the fresh casting makes it a sure shot winner.

A source recently informed us that the megastar insists on being referred to as “bhai” post a few drinks. You dare not call him by his name. One can only call him bhai, or he may end up earning the megastar’s wrath.

Blind Item

This has been touted to be THE announcement of the year as it brings together some of the biggest names of Bollywood! The filmmaker known for his larger-than-life, grandiose style of filmmaking, has roped in a mega star and a top actress, known for her selection of quality movies. While the announcement of the movie created ripples in the film industry, there were hushed murmurs also of the big age difference between the mega star and the actress. There were speculations galore about the story… While some felt it was the story of a father and daughter, others felt that it could be the love story between a mature man and a young girl.

Apparently, it’s none of the these but an older man, embittered with life, getting married to a much younger woman (who is beautiful, carefree and full of life) and falling in love with her, how he woos her and their relationship develops till he manages to make her love him too. It’s a story delving deep into marriage, love and relationships and is said to be the director’s best works till date. He had a fallout with the hero of his movie a few years back but it seems all is well now as his hero absolutely loved the role when he heard the narration.

The theme is apparently similar to a movie which was a romance too. The film was made more than three decades ago and was the debut movie of a senior star today. It revolved around a young girl who was forced to marry and older man though she loved somebody younger. When her husband comes to know he promises to reunite the two lovers but in the end she realises that her mangalsutra is more powerful than her love and stays back in the marriage. While the contemporary filmmaker’s movie may not be identical in its story line, the tale of a much-younger girl married to an older man has been told before.

The filmmaker too has been known to delve into complex relationship sagas. While he has already directed a love triangle earlier where the girl has an arranged marriage, in the end she does not marry her lover but later falls in love with her husband. The climax had resulted in a fallout between one of his heroes in the movie who had wanted that the lovers be united. But now this shouldn’t be the case as his hero gets to marry the young girl and make her fall in love with him too. The young actress too has an equal role in the movie which is said to be a romcom and not a dark, tragic tale as the director is known to make.

Our Guess

Movie: Inshallah
Megastar: Salman Khan
Filmmaker: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Leading Lady: Alia Bhatt


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