Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – High on Drugs – 1st Jan

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a young, talented actor who is always high on drugs.
It seems just like in Hollywood, our desi actors too rely on the white substance to relieve themselves of the work related pressure. Although many indulge in it, there have been very few actors who let it affect their career. Like they say “Anything in excess is bad”. This actor should learn a thing about doing it smartly, from the scion of one of Bollywood’s first families.
Apart from being high on drugs, the actor is also in the news for his skirt chasing ways. Rumor has it that he was trying his luck with a 16 yr old debutante, who is also his co-star. We wonder how his gf, who has tasted success recently puts up with all this!

Blind Item
There have been incessant rumors about B-Town stars who resort to substance abuse as they are unable to deal with the pressures that come with the job. However, hardly any names have come up. Well, one such example is a young actor who is known for his acting chops. The hero has been doing versatile films and is one of the most sought after these days. He is known to get into the skin of the character and his performances are superlative.

He is known for his social media gyaan and has been busy with the shoots of his next films, both from big banners. He is also in talks with this reputed National Award winning director for his upcoming film. The director and the producer were extremely keen on signing the actor, but after an initial meeting they have decided not to cast him. The reason – the actor is perpetually HIGH. This is the sole reason for the makers are considering to not cast him. He may lose the project which he has almost been finalized for.

This habit of his is scaring away producers. People in the fraternity hope that the actor who has a bright future steers clear from the evil stuff that is jeopardizing his career. Well, we hope that this talented actor takes charge of his career!

Let us know your guesses in comments..

Our Guess:
Actor: Sushant Singh Rajput

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