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Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Hook Up On Foreign Shores – 9th April

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Pinkvilla has posted an explosive blind item about a superstar hook up on foreign shores.
There have been several blind items which have spoken about the status of this superstar jodi. He is on his way to rule Bollywood someday, while she is the reigning queen of Bollywood. As we had mentioned in one of our articles before, they are in an open relationship. He has been quoted saying that he an active sex life & can’t do without it.
The female superstar too is known for her relationships with several men. Some of her recent linkups include a tennis superstar, a Hollywood action star & the other star mentioned in the blind item. Despite all their flings, the stars seem to be going steady & might get married sometime this year. This is probably the first superstar opn marriage of Bollywood!
The male star mentioned in the blind item is a diabetic. He recently became a father for the second time. He is known for his good looks & has legions of female fans.

Blind Item
Bollywood is known for its dirty gossip! Stories about an actor or actress’ extramarital affairs and one night stands often grab all the eyeballs. And while the audience is stunned and shocked about it, the industry insiders have come to terms with this practice! Generally, their reaction to it is – Iss industry main toh Aisa hote rehta hai…

In short, one night stands and other things are quite normal in B-town! Hence our stars don’t think twice before getting involved in it. This pretty lady is no different. News of her rendezvous with a few good looking gentlemen has often grabbed headlines.

This time, it was with a married handsome actor on the foreign shores. And no, it’s not the first time that the actress, who herself has been in an on-off relationship, hooked up with the actor. Infatuation between the two happened a few years back, after which they had a steamy night out in a plush hotel. Reports were rife that they both were bonding as they were soon to share screen space together. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t happen and that one night’s story was discussed in hushed tones in the industry as one of those instances that happen after an overdose of booze.

Guess, most of us were wrong. There was more to it than just being intoxicated. This time when the two stars came face to face, in the public eye, they were cordial but later within the four walls, things happened to steam up again! Obviously, unlike last time, which was an after party where all eyes were on them and people could notice their overly friendly behaviour, this time, the stars were conscious of their surroundings. Post the event, the diva, smitten by the actor’s good looks and flirtatious ways, was seen heading to his room for a quick romance. But well, when you are popular, nothing stays hidden.

While both of them had their share of fun, we wonder what will the industrywallahs react to this! Have you guessed the actor and the actress we are talking about? Let us know in the comments below.

Our Guess
Married Handsome Actor: Fawad Khan
Actress: Deepika Padukone

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