Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Insurance Fraud – Dec 31st

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an actress committing insurance fraud to pocket some money.
The surprising part is that, the renowned actress recently bought a bungalow in Mumbai for 20cr+. We wonder why she had to commit insurance fraud to make money! As much as we hate the actress for her demeanor, we refuse to believe that she is capable or rather desperate to do something like this. She definitely aware that insurance fraud can lead to jail time.
In other news, she better give a hit soon or else she will soon have to pull of a scam to support her lifestyle.

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You must have heard and read about this actress meeting with an accident and also using a wheelchair when she exited an airport. However, now we hear that it was just a publicity stunt to claim insurance for the film she has been working on recently. If sources are to be believed the actress had only sprained her ankle and there was no injury or fracture. She apparently planned all this out with her producer and even agreed to put plaster on her ankle to make it believable.

metformin buy metformin What caught our attention was that the actress attended many social events just after meeting with a big accident. How did the injury vanish in a couple of days? Strange.

click here Well, reportedly the actress was playing dirty along with her producer just to get the insurance money which could be pocketed by the two of them.

Can you guess who we are talking about?

go go to site Our Guess:
Actress: Kangana Ranaut To help in educating the rural poor of the nation Click Here

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