Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Intimate Scenes – 19th May

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about this actor who is against intimate scenes being added by the co-producer of his upcoming film.

The actor’s career is going through a rough patch(click here to read more). While he was once considered to be a rising star, a slew of bad movies has ruined his box office standing. While his rival is going through a purple patch, this actor is a few flops away from oblivion. His producers are not confident of his acting prowess & hence want to add bold scenes to market his movie. He is a good looker, but unfortunately doesnt have that star quality or acting talent to speak of. His producer-director BF is his best hope.

Blind Item
The actor of this film, which is based around marriage seems to be upset with the present production house. The reason being that this producer wants to add intimate scenes in the film but the co-producer and the actor are against the idea.

Now, we hear that the project may shift from this production house to another only because of the co-producer whose cinema is bold.

The co-producer has a film which will release soon and that is also based on the theme of liberation. The producer who got the project to this production wants to shift it out subject to the actor’s consent. The actor has worked with the production house and that film is one of the biggest hits of his career.

Our Guess
Actor: Siddharth Malhotra
Movie: Shotgun Shaadi
Co-Producer: Ekta Kapoor

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