Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Kissing Scenes – 22nd Sept

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an actor who refused to shoot a kissing scene for his recently released movie.

For once this actor is in the news not for his failures, depression or his crumbling marriage(click here to read more). We have always believed that he has unfairly been labeled a failure by the media & public alike. But thanks to his lineage, the benchmark set for him is unusually high. He was the toast of the town from 2004-2007, but sadly bad movie choices led to his ouster from the A-list. Another actor – a young heartthrob has managed to salvage his career by starring in a hit biopic. It is scary how a few flops can lead to you being out of favor.

Luckily for our hero, his latest movie has garnered a lot of critical acclaim. Although it flopped, the actor did get noticed for his nuanced performance. His gamble of not shooting for his mentor’s multi starrer also paid off, as it tanked badly at the box office.

Blind Item
Locking lips on the big screen and getting intimate with the co-star is a very common thing in Bollywood. But there are many stars who aren’t comfortable doing so. While for some it is about their image, for some it’s to avoid issues in their personal life. Same is the case with this married Bollywood actor, who refused to shoot a kissing scene in his recently released film. Though the actor has shot for intimate sequences in films that he did before marriage, now he doesn’t want to do these things fearing what his wife will say. That apart, he also doesn’t want his daughter to indulge into some passionate moments with different men.

So when the script demanded him to lock lips with the leading lady of his film, the gentleman politely refused and requested the director and the producer to edit the script. Naturally, the producer and the director were surprised by this demand because the kissing scene formed a crucial moment in the movie. However, this married star refused to budge, forcing the film’s team to get away with the scene. While we aren’t sure how much of the drama did the married actor save up on back home, clearly on the professional front not all are happy with his decision, especially given the fact that the Mrs never bothered to restrict herself and did all that the role demanded!

Well, we wonder what’s cooking though!

Our Guess:
Married Actor: Abhishek Bachchan
Director: Anurag Kashyap
Movie: Manmarziyan