Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Manager’s Revenge – 24th May

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a manager avenging the treatment meted out to her by the superstar & his family.

In the year 2008 when the superstar in question had a drunken feud with another superstar, battle lines were drawn. Bollywood was split into two camps. Most sided with the other superstar – who the reigning superstar back then. Nobody would have bet on this superstar coming out trumps in this war. It was at such a time that this celebrity manager took over the superstar’s career(click here to read more about her). His career was not going great guns thanks to him signing bad films to maintain his big brother image. His family was known to milk his stardom for their personal gains. His image took had a taken a hit due several court cases lodged against him. In just three years this superstar dethroned the other superstar & has since then been the box office king of Bollywood. This period has also saw him signing several brand endorsements & his acting fees reach dizzying heights.

But one has to admit, that the superstar was a superstar long before she entered his life. She just brought more order to his life. The superstar is known to be close to his family. A feud broke out between the manager & the superstar when she tried to meddle in his affairs with his family. The family complained & the manager was shown the door. There were rumors that the manager even cheated even of several crores, which was the real reason for her ouster.

Post their split, the superstar barred his coterie which consists of several known actors & musicians from working with her. This badly affected her. Although she has moved on to another superstar, her image has taken a beating. Looks like the manager has now avenged the treatment meted out to her.

Blind Item
The distribution deal of a superstar’s film has fallen through. The deal between the superstar and a big distribution company was almost locked but the actor’s former manager and his one-time close associate with whom he had a fall out made sure the deal didn’t happen.

The superstar’s former manager dissuaded the distribution company to sign the deal by convincing that it was not a feasible deal as the film was not carrying positive reports post the trailer launch.

The head honcho of the company got convinced and deal fell through. Now the actor-producer has decided to distribute it on their own or may work with a company which is an arch rival of this company in the overseas market.

Our Guess
Superstar: Salman Khan
Film: Race3
Manager: Reshma Shetty

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