Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Masala Content – 20th June

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a star who has asked his director to retain controversial content in their upcoming film.

This movie is easily one of the most eagerly awaited movies of the year. After all how many movies can we recollect have been made about a living Bollywood superstar? The biopic is not based on an ordinary superstar. It is based on a superstar who has had a very colourful life(click here to read more). He was involved in court cases, was known to befriend gangsters, had a drug abuse issues, dated several celebs & went to jail! We think the makers & actor will have to work really hard for the film to flop!

The actor mentioned in the blind item is doing well personally though. He has recently been in the news for dating a young superstar. Just a few months back, she was dating her debut film co-star(click here to read more). So is the actor her rebound? But then again she had claimed to have a huge crush on this actor some years back. After all which girl wouldn’t want to get married to this talented star who is a 4th gen actor! The fact that he is smooth with women only ads to his allure. What is yet to be seen is whether he is able to overcome his drug habit & fend off competition especially from his GF’s ex & ex-GF’s current BF.

Blind Item
That controversy and sex sells in Bollywood, is something that we all know about. Needless to say, most directors, producers and actors harp on this fact. The latest to go the safe way with his film is this talented actor, who seems to be in a fix, with his upcoming movie.

While the little glimpses of the movie have received immense acclaim and praise, there is a section of the audience that is not impressed with the visuals. A few people have been overheard discussing as to how the movie has done away with the controversial content and the director is instead focusing on the not-so-interesting aspects. The slight controversial bit which is in the movie, has all been included in the trailer, leaving nothing new for the audience to expect in the much-promoted film. Clearly, this has made the lead actor insecure about the fate of the movie.

The tall lad has raised his concern. A little birdie close to the movie told us that the handsome hunk has spoken to this much revered Director and requested to retain some of the controversial content. ‘People want to see masala. They want to know the controversial life’ – the actor was heard telling the captain of the ship. Now whether the Director has given in to the demands is something that we need to wait and watch.

But we quite agree to the actor’s concern. And we understand his worry too. Given his rough patch, he cannot risk it with the film that can emerge as a saviour for him. And controversy will bring in not just the moolah but a much needed hit for the star!

Have you guessed whom are we talking about?!

Our Guess
Tall Lad: Ranbir Kapoor
Movie: Sanju
Director: Rajkumar Hirani

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