Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Mature Exes – 17th Dec

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about two axes who were mature enough to greet each other warmly, when they met at a wedding.

The very mention of his name, made her blush. So when she got the opportunity to act opposite him, she seduced him. It was shocking to a lot of people considering he was known for his dalliances with other men. The most talked about one being with a big shot producer-director. The affair earned her the wrath of the big shot producer-director & the superstar’s wife. She suddenly became an outcast. She moved to Hollywood, but continued to meet him at a friends bungalow whenever she was in India. But they broke up sometime later. She is now married to an American pop sensation who too is rumored to be bisexual & has a penchant for older women. Whether the marriage is a facade/publicity stunt or is based on genuine love – only time will tell!

Owing to us being privy to a lot of bollywood gossip & knowing the truth behind the secret lives of celebs, we have never been in awe of bollywood celebs. Your favorite celeb is likely to be either a womanizer, a drug addict, glorified, prostitute, serial cheater or a hypocrite. But one thing which almost every celeb lacks is class. We were shocked to see a superstar who proclaimed on a chat show that he doesn’t dance at weddings because he is not for sale, serve food at a wedding. Two other superstars & their families too were seen serving food to the guests. The box office king was reduced to a background dancer, while the industrialist’s son danced on stage. While they might try to fool you by saying that they were serving food as it is their tradition, truth is that they were paid heavily for their time at the wedding. These are guys/gals who wouldn’t tie their own shoe laces. Pay them a few crores & they wouldn’t blink an eyelid even if asked to wash your feet/1

Blind Item
This superstar actor, known for his warmth and courteous nature, showed his gentlemanly side when he happened to bump into his alleged ex at a social function recently. While the actor was accompanied with his family, the actress was present along with her husband at this grand event hosted out at a palatial venue.

Given their past equation, it was expected that the two stars would have ignored each other since they aren’t on talking terms. However, much to the surprise of the onlookers, the married actor and the sultry actress stunned everyone when they exchanged pleasantries. This was very much unlike them, given that such instances between them have happened in the past too. Every time they came eye-to-eye, they have managed to look each other straight in the eye and walk past. Hence, this time too, that was expected.

Well, it seems the past has been forgotten and the two stars have decided to move on. A source present at the venue expressed their shock to us and revealed, “The venue was filled with celebrities but when the actor and this actress bumped into each other, all eyes were on them. Everyone expected them to share a cold shoulder with each other. But that didn’t happen. Instead, the actress introduced her husband to the actor, who politely smiled and congratulated the couple. It was hardly a minute long exchange. However, both the stars made sure it didn’t turn out to be a tamasha. Instead, they maturely handled the situation.”

Our Guess

Superstar Actor: Shahrukh Khan
Ex: Priyanka Chopra


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