Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – #Me Too – 9th Oct

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a few people who will be affected by the #Me Too storm that is brewing in Bollywood.

The #Me Too movement has taken Bollywood by storm. As we write this article, a TV director has accused a sanskari actor of rape. The movement was started by an actress who accused a prominent actor of harassment. While her case is a genuine case of harassment, there are other cases where the accused celebrity’s only fault is that he flireted with the woman in question. This is diluting the claims of women who were truly harassed.

We have shared several articles, where we have spoken about how women are treated in Bollywood. But as usual the big fishes have managed to escape. There is still no mention of the famous director who used to ask his heroines to meet him at his Madh island bungalow(click here to read more). Or the superstars who sleep with the heroines in excgange for plum roles. But then again the women too have to be blamed for complying with such requests.

Blind Item

Silent awareness is dangerous and disastrous; this head honcho of the company, who has kept silent, is soon to get exposed. This man runs a talent company which has notorious elements in it. One exposé is waiting to happen and is just around the corner.

Also, we hear that this actor-filmmaker, who is the brother of a very popular filmmaker, and was presently shooting with another actor who has also been dragged into the #MeToo controversy is going to fall into trouble.

The unmarried filmmaker has been asking for sexual favours from those who go to him asking for work. He is already on the #MeToo list – a little hint here, the actress who had worked with him on a franchise had threatened to go to the cops but was persuaded by the producer and friends not to. This may just open.

Can you guess who the filmmaker is?

Our Guess
Actor-Filmmaker: Sajid Khan
Actress: Bipasha Basu


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