Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – #MeToo Gossip – 15th Oct

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Pinkvilla has published a bunch of stories related to #MeToo incidents.

Bollywood has been shaken by the #MeToo storm. Several perverts that we have mentioned in our articles before are now facing the ire of wronged women(click here to read more). we hope this will deter bollywood biggies from harassing the next newbie hoping to make it big in Bollywood.

Pinkvilla has published a bunch of stories & we frankly are not shocked by the celebs these blind items are talking about. What was once mentioned in hushed tones is now out in the open.

Blind Item 1

This actor who has the blanket of patriotic films is no less when it comes to harassing his female co-actors. On outdoor shoots, he reveals his predatory side and keeps knocking on the actress’ room until she finally succumbs.

Our Guess
Actor: Akshay Kumar

Blind Item 2

A senior actor is known for his philandering ways. He methodically gazes the breasts and butts of every young actress. He has been making many young actresses sleep with him and those who protested he makes their drinks spiked. The worst comes when after being drunk he insists his wife to watch him force himself on these female leads. This yesteryear actor has filmy background. Can you guess who this senior actor in question is?

Our Guess:
Senior Actor: Anil Kapoor or Sanjay Kapoor?

Blind Item 3

A popular 90’s veteran director who used his power to harass young actress. Going by the report in the website, it had been an open secret within the industry. He had been awarded with many rewards for his passion for the art and his ‘creative vision’. Talking of his ‘creative process’, he would sit naked in his bathtub with his hands folded and the female lead of the film was required to strip her clothes completely. He would gaze every part of her body to evoke the creative side for filmmaking.

Can you guess who this director in question is?

Our Guess
Veteran Director: Subhash Ghai


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