Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Money Matters – 22nd Jan

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about two celeb sisters who are fighting over money.

Money can drive a wedge among the closest of friends & relatives.Pinvilla’s latest blind item seems to reaffirm this age old belief.
The elder sibling was a superstar, who married another superstar. She is the face of several brands & continues to bag plum projects. While the younger sibling got a raw deal in life. Her engagement to a film studio scion got nixed as they demanded her to sign a pre-nup. She then moved on to a hot tempered actor, whom she met on the sets of a reality TV show. As expected the romance fizzled out in a few months time.
The elder sibling’s husband is a closet womanizer, who beds AD’s & background dancers. He is smart enough to stay away from actresses. The wife turns a blind eye to his shenanigans, thanks to his money & clout. Weird what even the wealthy do, just for the sake of money.

Blind Item
Wealth is something which is always in demand. No matter how rich or powerful one is, nobody wants to give up money and property. Recently these two sisters, who are also actresses, came into a lot of money after their father passed away and now they can’t seem to stop squabbling over it.

It’s said that their producer-father left behind some property and valuables which the two actresses have sold or rented out. The elder actress is more famous, wealthy and popular than the other. She is married to an established filmi family while the younger one broke up with a hunky Bollywood actor a few years ago. It appears that relations between the two sisters, despite some public appearances together, have been strained for some time but the money issue has widened the cracks further.

Hua yeh ki, once the family’s assets (cash and kind) came to light, the younger actress approached her elder sister asking her if she could give her share to her as the elder one already had everything in life – money, property, and a successful career in films, while she was still grappling to find a foothold somewhere. But the elder sibling, who has been indulgent towards her sister for years, and given her many things on a platter, this time flatly put her foot down and refused to give in as she felt her sister had been taking too many things for granted. Though the younger sister cajoled, begged and cried the elder sister said no way was she giving up her share of the family’s fortune. She has a point as the younger one stopped listening to her advice years ago and has sometimes made the family the focus of gossip because of her affairs.

The husband of the elder sister is keeping out of the matter while the actress’s mother is very partial towards her younger daughter as she feels she got a raw deal in life and goes along with whatever she says. This is an issue which both the sisters have to deal with themselves and sort out before the cracks intensify and separate them completely.

Our Guess:
Sisters: Kajol & Tanisha


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