Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Not On Talking Terms – 23rd Nov

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a young heartthrob not being on talking terms with his hit co-star.

Looks like this actor’s PR team is on an overdrive. He has just one film up for release & his PR team is going crazy planting stories about him. There have been several news items about a star kid gushing on chat show that she would like to date him. That was enough ammo for this actor’s PR team to publish 10 articles about her statement & this actor’s response. We feel he is insecure about the number of movies he has. After all the one movie he does have is being directed by a flop director. Rumor has it that the director has been hooking up with his heroine(click here to read more). He should let hos work do the talking & go easy on PR.

Blind Item

We have seen many cases in Bollywood where friends turn into foes overnight and vice versa. Superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’s friendship is one such example. However, there are many stars who secretly can’t stand each other but look like good friends for the world. This next generation star who has been on a signing spree ever since he delivered the first 100 crores hit film is not on talking terms with the actress whom he has worked in four films. 2018 has been good for both the actors whose film had crossed the Rs 100 mark at the box office.

These two stars who are being managed by the same talent management company are getting a lot of films and endorsement offers but have been rejecting with the firm decision. Reason being they can’t tolerate each other. Recently, this female and male actor were even approached to be a part of a paid event but they rejected due to their cold war. This male actor is currently enjoying a huge fan following due to his chocolate boy looks and is no longer in a mood to patch up with this actress despite them being a part of a hit sequel.

Our Guess

Next gen star: Kartik Aaryan
Actress: Nusrat Barucha


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