Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – One Hit Arrogance – 25th June

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about the arrogance of an actor who is just one hit old.

It is funny how actors throw their weight around after just one hit. Firstly this actor landed the role thanks to his sister’c close relationship with the superstar’s family. She has been dating the superstar’s out of work producer-director & washed out actor brother(click here to read more). The superstar’s brother married his then business partner’s sister. Their families opposed the alliance & they had eloped to get married. But then the romance got stale & the superstar’s brother started hooking up with the arrogant actor’s sister.

Secondly it is not like the movie was a solo hero film, which rested solely on him. He was part of an ensemble cast starring the reigning superstar of Bollywood. So wonder what the arrogance is all about?

But truth be told this actor is not the only one who expects freebies from every outlet where he lands up. There are several tales of Bollywood superstars turning into complete cheapskates & freeloaders. Eve superstars who earn millions expect their producers to pay for every expense of theirs while shooting for a film. But thankfully the new educated lot of actors are bucking the trend.

Blind Item
This actor has just had one hit in his career and he is already behaving like he has arrived. This actor who got noticed in the ensemble cast is not only taking credit for the success of the film but is also asking for an obscene amount of money for films which no one is paying him.

All he has managed to do is put his foot in the door of an A-lister filmmaker’s office through a friend. He was hoping to sign a film for his production which hasn’t happened as he asked for money. So he was replaced by one of the most promising actors

Though the actor has managed some endorsements through his agency and appearances and store appearances where he has gone and embarrassed the organisers too. One such incident that we got to know was that he was at a big store for an appearance and started picking up stuff for himself and his girlfriend thinking that it will come for free. But when he was told that the stuff is going to be chargeable he threw a fit and later walked out of the store without buying the things he wanted.

At present, the actor is at a big event and strangely we are not getting to see his pictures or photographs with the big names of the film industry. His attitude and greed are surely going to cost him his career. Mr. you need to learn soon or you are doomed.

Our Guess
One Hit Actor: Saqib Saleem

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2 thoughts on “Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – One Hit Arrogance – 25th June

  • June 25, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    This is not Sajib is Kartik Arjan, admin check the data

    • June 25, 2018 at 9:49 pm

      We though so too, but Kartik Aryan has starred in 4 hits till date


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