Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Outdoor Romance – 26th Jan

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a romance brewing between two actors at their outdoor schedule of their upcoming film.

Outdoor schedules of movies are the best generators of bollywood gossip. Most of the romances, hook ups etc start off at the outdoor schedules of movies. With no spouse/nosy GF/BF or the paparazzi around, the stars are relaxed & don’t stop themselves from giving in to temptation. Many male stars eagerly await the outdoor schedules of their movies as they finally get to bed their heroines. Unless you are a star kid or have a sugar daddy, be rest assured that the superstar will try to bed you while on the outdoor schedule. Refusal to abide, can lead to disastrous consequences, as was seen in a movie which released 6 odd years back.

While we may be wrong, we think the blind item is about this star kid-senior actor with a troubled past & a female actor whose star is on the rise. The female star was serious about another actor, until she couldn’t deal with his philandering & broke up with him. She was recently linked to her producer, but then he got married(click here to read more).The senior actor is a walking d&*k who will bang anything that moves. His wife gave him a dose of his medicine by cosying up to a handsome singer when he was in jail!(click here to read more)

Blind Item

It is very common for actors and actresses to get comfortable in each other’s company, especially when they are shooting together in picturesque locations for their films. Cozy environment, no glaring eyes, month long schedules and quality time together are perfect to break the ice. That’s exactly what has happened between these two actors. While the sexy actress has been nursing a broken heart for a while now, this handsome lad is known for his mischievious ways.

Both, the senior actor and this relatively new actress, have been on an outdoor schedule of their upcoming film, away from the scanning eyes of the industrywallahs and their near and dear ones. But then again, nothing stays under wraps when you are a part of Bollywood. Insiders from their film sets have been talking about their increasing proximity in hushed tones. It seems, the chilly winter winds and night long shoots have done their bit.

A little birdie from the sets revealed that the two actors have shed their inhibitions and are now happily sharing their naughty sides with each other. From sending dirty texts to ‘casually’ flirting, they are doing it all. And if sexting wasn’t enough, we are also told that the two often have hot ‘chemical exchanges’ behind closed doors!

Our Guess

Senior Actor: Sanjay Dutt
Actress: Kriti Sanon


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