Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Replaced By A-lister – 23rd May

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an actor who was replaced in a movie by an A-lister.

This is the second blind item, which has been published about the incident(click here to read more) We think the publicist of the actor who was dropped from the movie is behind this article. Looks like he is unable to digest the fact that he was dropped by his director-friend for a bigger star. The A-lister may have had a string of flops, but is a bonafide star. The dropped actor on the other hand is a relative newbie with just a few hits to his credit. To think that the A-lister went to the director of a few hits asking for work is someone’s fertile imagination. The A-lister is the scion of Bollywood’s first family. Film makers line up to work with him & not the other way round.

Blind Item
For a director, when a movie does better than expected, their worth immediately increases. With that success, the director is bound to be approached by many other actors who flock to such filmmakers hoping to work with them. How does it matter if you initially did not give them the time of the day?

Such is the case with this filmmaker who recently gave a hit which surprised the industry too. The movie in question featured his favourite actor and close friend who has worked with him before.

The director’s next is a two-hero film and this recently emerged star was sure that he would be one of the leads. And rightly so, because the filmmaker had him believed as well. However, when an A-List actor, who is desperate for a hit himself given his recent string of flops came knocking, it was an offer that the director could not refuse.

Hence, in a betrayal of sorts, the A-List actor has officially been confirmed for the movie and will be starring alongside another A-Lister who has never worked with the director either.

Can you guess who the director in question is? Let us know in the comments below.

Our Guess
Director: Luv Ranjan
Recently Emerged Star: Kartik Aaryan
A-list Star – Ranbir Kapoor
Another A-list Star: Ajay Devgan

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