Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Sexual Harassment – 10th Oct

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about instances of sexual harassment perpetuated by a woman on several men!

The #Me Too movement in Bollywood has led to several instances of women being sexually harassed coming out in the open. The latest names to crop up are a sanskaari actor. But while men are the culprits in all the situations, this blind item is about a woman being the culprit! She is a casting director, who has given several top actors their big break(click here to read more). One among them is a hugely successful star. He has mentioned about the existence of the casting couch in Bollywood. But he wasn’t brave enough to name & shame the offenders.

Blind Item

The Me Too movement is spreading in India like wildfire. After a few prominent names from Bollywood came under the scanner for their alleged involvement in sexual harassment cases, a lot of women have opened up on Twitter and have shared their harrowing experiences. From their bosses to co-stars, no is being spared. While the audience is still coping up with the shocking revelations made by the women across, we have stumbled upon yet another shocking incident of sexual harassment, this time done by a woman to a man.

A film organisation has received a complaint against a female creative producer, who is also involved in making some of the most crucial casting decisions in films, alleging her of sexual assault. A copy of the complaint has also been sent to the production house, where the female employee has been working. A source in the know revealed about the same and also added, “The complainant isn’t willing to disclose his identity. But if he agrees to come on record then the film body will register an official complaint and only then the production house will also be able to take action. But an unofficial complaint has been raised against the lady in question.”

Well, looking at the number of Me Too revelations that have come out on social media, this is indeed alarming. Though we are yet to see what action is taken against the offenders.

Meanwhile, can you guess who are we talking about? Let us know in the comments below.

Our Guess
Female Creative Producer: Shanoo Sharma


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