Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Sporty Actor – 25th March

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Pinkvilla has written a blind item about a sporty actor who manipulated the unceremonious exit of another young megastar scion from his movie.
He is moderately successful himself, but due to his lineage comes across as a failure. It is not easy living up to the huge expectations of being born into such a family. We do pity him. it doesn’t help that he is married to an ex-beauty queen & a ex-bollywood queen bee. A few poor movie choices have derailed his film career. He has since starred in a few hits, but none were solo hits.
We have heard rumors that he swings both ways. An ex-CM’s actor son, another superstar’s son & him are known to be bisexual. One of them even adopted a baby. We wonder why he hasn’t been signing films for so long though.

Blind Item
They are both born to megastars and both sons are actor – one perhaps more established than the other. While one’s father is from Bollywood the other is from the South. The younger actor from the South and quite a heart-throb back there, was to act in his second Bollywood project – a movie produced by a feel-good-movie making director. The quirky love story and a love triangle (between a girl and her two lovers) was to be directed by a maker who is known for his dark, edgy movies.

Everything was happening in the manner all wanted (including money, dates etc) and the South hero was all set to sign the movie till the Bollywood actor, also a sports lover, stepped into the picture. He was in talks with the same arthouse director but for another movie but he heard about the script and fell in love with the character to be played by the Southern star. The older actor is also said to have signed a film of the second producer (involved in the quirky love story) who was funding the project but that film was shelved so he had to return the signing amount.

Both producers and the actor sat down and scratched their heads till they came up with a solution – the Bollywood actor would replace the South star in the quirky love story. Some excuses were mumbled to the crestfallen South actor about how the role suited the older actor better and the production house would come to him with another project soon. The South actor had to hastily make an exit from the movie and he’s too much of a gentleman to talk. Luckily, for him, the actor is already making his Bollywood debut in a film so his foray into the film industry remained unhampered. That film is complete and is expected to release mid-year.

Everyone’s curious about the Bollywood actor’s sudden decision to be part of a quirky love story where he plays the parallel lead with a much younger actor who is still finding his way around. It’s his comeback film in a certain way too as the actor has been involved in projects outside Bollywood for the last few years and cut himself off from films during that time. Whether it’s a wise decision or not only time will tell.

Our Guess
Younger Actor: Dulquer Salman
Sporty Actor: Abhishek Bachchan

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