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Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Super Bribe – 10th Jan

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Pinkvilla has posted a blind item about a super bribe being asked by middlemen to participate on a reality show.
We have doubts that these stories have been planted by the makers of the show to generate a buzz before the show launch. How else do you explain the insane amount being asked for entry! Corruption has been India’s bane for the longest time. Despite having a PM who has been fighting corruption at the top, grass root level corruption is yet to abate.

Blind Item
Two big filmmakers who feature as celebrity judges on a reality show are not aware of the shady deals that are taking place behind the scenes. Aspiring actors and dancers, who are keen to make it in the film industry, were in for a rude shock when they were asked to dole out Rs,25 lakhs for a direct entry into the show. This came to light when we overheard an enthusiastic contestant saying that there is no point in going to such shows and casting director’s offices, where the subordinates are busy exploiting aspirants – boys and girls, who are keen to make it in the film industry.

Let us know your guesses in comments..

Our Guess:
Celebrity Judges: Karan Johar & Rohit Shetty


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