Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Suspicious PDA – 18th March

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Pinkvilla has posted a blind item, which speaks about this superstars recent PDA with his wife.
We have all heard the joke about the priest & his donkey, which taught us to not take public opinion too seriously. But looks like our superstar is oblivious to that joke. There have been rumors for the longest time of him having an affair with his protege cum co-star. She debuted as his daughter in a blockbuster movie. Ewww! But hours of time spent mentoring her, got them closer. Before you knew it, they were having an affair.
The wife should have seen it coming. After all she is his second wife. His first marriage failed because of his womanizing ways. He is even known to have fathered an illegitimate child with a white journo. What made her think that he would change? If I had a penny for every time a gal thought she could make a womanizer mend his ways, I would be a millionaire!

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Extramarital affairs are all the rage right now in Bollywood but they also are a closeted affair as actors don’t want their good-persona image to be shed and their dirty laundry to be out in the open.

mujeres solteras de 45 a 60 aГ±os Such is the case with this actor whose recent romantic antics have been the talk of the town as evidenced by a blind we can across in a leading tabloid.

binary complaints According to the tabloid, this A-list star’s PDA game with his wife has been going strong although he is not known to be some who kisses and tells or even holds hands for that matter in public.

il miglior broker di opzioni binarie And it looks like, the reason for the sudden love has to do with the fights that are happening inside the house, away from the public’s eyesight. What’s even more interesting is that the fights could be because of the actor’s fondness with his co-star, which has the entire industry buzzing with gossip.

rencontre avec un homme cadre broker stockpair Our Guess
Actor: Aamir Khan

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