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Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Temper Tantrums – 30th March

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a female actor’s temper tantrums.
The female actor mentioned in the blind item was last seen in a 100Cr+ hit. She is better known as a rising star’s gf. The blind paints her in negative light. But truth be told, we are yet to come across a single female star who doesn’t throw tantrums. Female actors sources claim are a pain to work with. They are all airheads who think the world revolves around them. A few hits & they think they can treat people they way they want to. They will shrewdly suck up & be nice to Bollywood big shots, but treat their staff badly. Well mannered female stars are a rarity.
Male stars on the other hand are well mannered & respectful. They are easy going & are not known to harass their staff. But of course a lot has to do with females in general being particular about what they need. We have also heard stories of male stars not paying their staff & even physically abusing their domestic help.
A recent newspaper article interviewed several people who worked as domestic help at celeb households. It spoke about the tough time the celebs gave them. There were tales of severe physical & mental abuse. The celebs especially the TV folk don’t pay their maids/drivers for months on end owing to them not getting work. But they never sacked them either, as it would adversely impact their rep. They don’t call it “showbiz” for nothing.

Blind Item
There was a time when Bollywood stars were nothing but humble human beings and while there are many who are still down to earth, there are those who let even a little bit of fame get into their heads.

Such a newbie actor was referred to in a blind we came across in a leading daily which had us wondering who it could be.

The actor in reference has done just a few movies and has absolutely no achievements that she could boast about. During a recent photoshoot, her temper tantrums were over the roof due to her unreasonable demands over food options and other things. They had no option but to cater to her needs.

Her staff is victimised by her due to her bad behaviour and she has already driven many away to quit working with her. Now, the actor is trying to poach employees of other Bollywood actors and has already got the hairstylist of a top star to work for her. Let’s see how long that lasts!

What’s interesting to note is how her temper tantrums and personality is in complete contrast with her star boyfriend who is known to be well-mannered.

Our Guess
Newbie Actor: Disha Patani
Star BF: Tiger Shroff

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