Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Unhappy Ending – 27th Dec

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Pinkvilla has published an article about the love story of a celeb couple with an unhappy ending. The actor is forced to marry his gf, although he is still in love with his debut co-star.
While several stories of her romance with her other co-star of her debut movie have been planted by their mentor, it was him that she always loved. They hooked up while shooting for their debut movie. They have been hooking up ever since. It does help that theirs is super hit pair. The only impediment to their relationship has been his long term gf. Had it not been for the gf in question, the onscreen couple would have been going steady off the screens as well.
It is sad how our celebs cannot follow their heart & have to bow down to societal or familial pressure. They have all the money, fame & success, but not freedom to follow their heart. We hope this actor’s marriage to his gf doesn’t crumble like that of the superstar mentioned in the blind item.

Blind Item
It won’t be surprising if this very promising actor officially gets engaged to his longtime girlfriend, but what is shocking is the reason behind this. This young actor is not really planning to tie the knot out of his own will but due to family pressure. And the inside story that we have is that this energetic actor almost dumped his childhood sweetheart for his co-star with whom he debuted about seven years ago. We hear that his co-star also broke up with her movie star boyfriend.

All of this seemed to have upset his family and especially his father but this actor didn’t want to hurt his parents. He even bought his own house recently and a lot of people were surprised to see his girlfriend at the housewarming party. This reminds us of another actor who too was forced to marry his childhood sweetheart though he had fallen in love with his co-actor, but had to marry his girlfriend due to family pressure.

Our Guess:
Promising Actor: Varun Dhawan
Co-Star: Alia Bhatt

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