Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Upset Author – 21st May

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an author who is upset with the director, who adapted his book into a movie for not honoring her commitments. it is a good time to be an author in India. Like the west, film makers are lapping up the movie adaptation rights from authors of best selling novels. But like in any arrangement, disagreements are bound to happen. The movie is a superhit. The movie has garnered both critical & commercial acclaim. We hope the author & director put aside their differences & work together soon.

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It is human tendency to be sensitive about the work you have created. It is a matter of pride when your work is accepted, praised and appreciated. Especially for writers, whether it is a book or a film. Authors always look forward to the their credits. And when a book is being adapted into a movie, credit is all that matters.

sites de rencontres 100 gratuit belgique Same is the case with this celebrated author. His book was adapted into a movie, which has received immense critical acclaim and commercial success on its release. Naturally, the team on the whole is very happy with the response that the movie has received. But apparently, despite the movie doing well, the author, on whose book this movie is based, isn’t smiling. Instead, he is upset that he hasn’t got ‘enough credit’ to his name and all the limelight is being taken away by the director of the movie.

click The author has expressed his displeasure to the director and the producer of the film, who had signed a contract with him while acquiring the rights of the movie. Back then, they had promised him all that he asked for – his book’s name on the movie’s poster, his name in the credits, interviews with the media etc etc. While most of the things were adhered too, the author was unhappy that no media interviews were done with him. Also, he is upset that his name has been mentioned only once in the credit list of the movie. And while the author was promised interviews with the media, since none of them happened, he on his own went ahead and spoke to a few media houses. This apparently didn’t go down well with the producers and the director.

dating sites for 55 and over Instead of being apologetic about the whole mess with the author, we hear, that the director and the producer both are miffed with him for taking matters in his own hands, in terms of the publicity. The equation between the two has gone for a toss to a level that the author, who has a new book launch scheduled this month, had invited the director for the same. Howevr, the director has excused herself from the appearance by saying, ‘I can’t make it as I have some other commitment’.

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Author: Harinder Sikka
Movie: Raazi(click here to read the review) – which was adapted from the book “Calling Sehmat”
Director: Meghna Gulzar

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