Blind Item(Rajeev Masand)-18th Nov

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This blind item from Rajeev Masand is about the self procalimed queen of Bollywood. She has been giving flops left, right & centre, but is yet to mellow down. She has picked up fights with anybody & everybody in Bollywood. No one seems to be by her side apart from her sibling. Since she has rubbed big people with bigger egos the wrong way, they are baying for her blood. All her hopes are now resting on her next movie, which is a biopic of a legendary queen. It is the only movie which can save her from oblivion. Like they say, your hit/flop ratio is not the only thing that matters in Bollywood, what really matters is your networking skills. One peek into the lineup of movies will prove that being in the good books of Bollywood biggies always goes a long way in landing meaty roles & staying relevant in the industry as opposed to just relying on your talent. You are required to attend parties & network with superstars, producers & directors. Thinking & behaving like all the success earned by you, is because of you alone is a surefire recipe to destroy your career. I can imagine Vivek Oberoi nodding in agreement!

Blind Item
At a film party not long ago, a prominent filmmaker who was engaged in a conversation with the leading lady of his most recent dud, got his revenge on the actress, whom he has said gave him a hard time during the making of the film.

On spotting a screenwriter who had engaged in a spat with the actress in the media recently, the director beckoned him to join them, then excused himself to visit the men’s room, leaving the two warring parties face to face and feeling very awkward.

Nicely played.

Our Guess:
Leading Lady: Kangana Ranaut
Director: Vishal Bharadwaj
Screenwriter: Apurva Asrani