Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – 20 Kgs – 27th April

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item about a star who was asked to lose 20 kgs by his director.
We wonder how this star still gets lead roles. Just look at him! He is clearly overweight to be a Bollywood star. His top half may look better with a shirt on, but he will make audiences laugh out loud if he ever takes his shirt off. The lesser we say about the bottom half of his body, the better. It is obvious that he has gotten some surgery done to lose weight. Despite getting a surgery done, he does look obese.

conocer gente o conocer a gente Gaining weight is not a crime. But aspiring for typical Bollywood roles with a bad physique is what gets our goat. The sad part is the director got sacked for being honest. The actor definitely needs to lose 20 kgs if he intends to continue to star in movies.

chat rencontre iphone This is the third straight blind item from Masand, which mentions a particular star. He maybe paid for mentioning him, but why make it sooo obvious?

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According to the industry grapevine, the director of a big Telugu hit who’d been signed to remake his own film in Hindi has been dropped from the project after he embarrassed the producer by openly dissing the leading man who’d been approached to star in the film.

see Turns out, the director had his heart set on a young male star whose wife is currently pregnant with their second baby. The director had reportedly given the star his word that if he’d remake the movie, he’d do it with him in the lead. But the producer is no fan of the said star, and approached another young actor, with whom he’d worked in his last film, a moderately successful comedy. When news reached the director that this ‘other actor’ might be doing the film, he gave an interview saying he didn’t think that the actor fit the role, but he ‘might consider him’ if he was willing to lose around 20 kg for the part. The actor is believed to have given the producer a piece of his mind, and now one hears that the director himself may have been fired from the project.

see source Our Guess
Movie: Arjun Reddy
Young Male Star: Shahid Kapoor
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