Blind Item(Rajeev Masand)-20th Oct

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For once Rajeev Masand has written a blind item about an indie actor & not A-list celebrities. Although we are not really enthralled knowing about the secret lives of not so famous stars,it does give us an insight about Bollywood power struggles.

Blind Item
This young up-and-coming male actor, who has mostly starred in promising, credible indie films until now, has been signed opposite an A-list female star in a top project that’s being co-produced by one of the biggest banners in the business. The film is a spy thriller based on a book, and while it’s primarily the story of the female protagonist, the actor has a solid role as her husband who is unaware of her duplicitous intentions.

Many would say it’s exactly the kind of project he needs at this stage in his career, to make a smooth crossover from indie star to a ‘mainstream’ leading man. The actor is aware of that, and in order to ensure he can fully exploit the opportunity, he reportedly asked the film’s director if he would appear on the film’s poster. Although it wasn’t intended to sound that way, the director thought it was a condition the actor was laying down before signing the film. It created some awkwardness at the time, but both parties cleared the misunderstanding later and began filming without any hiccups. So will he feature on the poster, after all? That decision, apparently, rests with the producer who has said all such calls will only be taken after the film wraps. So there.

Our Guess
Male Actor: Vicky Kaushal
Female Star: Alia Bhatt


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