Blind Item(Rajeev Masand)-22nd September

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We have always wondered why the industry & journalists in particular hate this actor to this extent. There have been nasty columns & blind items about other stars too, but no one gets a beating in the newspapers or magazines as much as this small town TV star turned actor does. What the film industry & media overlooks is the fact that this guy is a self made star who gave a 100 cr+ hit film last year. But again, if so many people are bi**hing about you & you are rarely the most successful person in the room, you are definitely doing something wrong!

Blind Item
A young male actor, recently reunited with his mentor, is reportedly giving the unit of his new film a hard time during an outdoor shoot. The actor, who is coming off a big dud, likes to give the impression that he’s all calm and Zen-like, but the crew on the new project says he’s consumed by insecurity.

Word from the set is that he is getting on the nerves of his director, who is trying his best not to pop a blood vessel. The actor is also apparently not thrilled that the crew pampers his female co-star more than him. Some have even said the actress’ mother is keeping a close eye on him, mindful of his skirt-chaser reputation.

Our Guess:
Male Actor: Sushant Singh Rajput
Mentor: Abhishek Kapoor



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