Blind Item (Rajeev Masand) – 24th Nov

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You do not criticize a man’s woman. Only he has the right to criticize her, seems to be the lesson to be learnt from Rajeev Masand’s blind item. The director is question has given a few hits, out of which two were made starring his ex-gf & has produced a movie successfully for the studio he works for. His latest production starring his ex-gf didn’t do well. He dated the actress for three years & it did give a big boost to her career. While she has given a hit recently post starring in several flops, her career will suffer a huge setback if her on-off bf gets sacked from the studio.

Blind Item
According to the Bollywood grapevine, all is not well at one of the top studios in the industry. Insiders are saying the famously reclusive studio boss (himself a filmmaker) has had a falling out with his blue-eyed boy, a talented young director whom he actively promoted over other directors on the studio’s roster.

Story goes that the younger director, who is also producing smaller films for the studio, was not impressed with one of the projects he’s been entrusted with supervising. He is believed to have expressed his disappointment after viewing the first edit of the film,and minced no words to describe just what a mess he believed the film was looking like.

This response has apparently not gone down well with his boss, who dismissed the younger filmmaker’s misgivings about the film. One could argue that the senior filmmaker is especially invested in this film for personal reasons, but he has quashed the younger filmmaker’s complaints saying the film has a strong mainstream sensibility which the younger filmmaker has failed to connect with because of his ‘artistic’ leanings.

It’s all very civil on the face of it, but sources say the incident has driven a wedge between the men and that the damage may be irreparable.

Our Guess:
Young Director: Maneesh Sharma
Studio Boss: Aditya Chopra
Movie: Hitchki starring Rani