Blind Item(Rajeev Masand)-29th Sept

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This director who Rajeev Masand is speaking about is probably the most repulsive directors in Bollywood. Post giving a few hits he got delusional & notoriously claimed to revive the career of a bonafide Superstar! The Superstar, who starred in all his hits was pissed & stopped working in the motor mouth director’s movies. His favorite producer, who was the first to give him a break as a director too was upset with him because of his high handedness. All his films not starring the Superstar flopped. While Superstar is now going through a purple patch – one hot after another! When one would want him to date a subdued genteel woman, he has ended up dating another motor mouth – a journo suffering from verbal diarrhea. These two will definitely stay in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Blind Item:
Insiders are saying that away from the din of social media and the film and literary circles that they respectively circulate in, a film director and a respected young journalist-author may have found companionship and happiness. They’re an unlikely match, say friends of the filmmaker, but they seem to enjoy each other’s company immensely.

He’s currently trying to get his directing career back on track after a big film he was involved in fizzled out some years ago. She continues to fearlessly report prickly political stories, ignoring all the aggressive, repulsive trolling she is routinely subjected to on social media.

The pair, his friends say, have decided to maintain a low profile in public. No splashy, flashy appearances on red carpets and big events; they’re only out to close friends and well-wishers. That might have something to do with the fact that there are past relationships to settle and negotiate first. Others say all the secrecy is because they’ve been on and off for some time and need to figure out how they feel about each other before making any firm commitments.

Our Guess:
Director: Sajid Khan
Journalist-Author: Rana Ayyub


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