Blind Item(Rajeev Masand)-4th Nov

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She is not just independent, she is classy as well. Post her failed marriage to a indie turned mainstream director, she was dating an actor-singer-director-producer. But that romance was kept under wraps & ended post her bf falling for his heroine. Her ex husband on the other hand is making a fool out of himself by dating 20 year old & behaving like a teenager in love. These creative geniuses definitely are weird! But more power to women like her in the industry – women who do not wash dirty linen in public to come across as feisty.

Blind Item
At a recent preview screening of her new film, a popular actress made no bones about the fact that she was embarrassed about subjecting her friends to this cinematic drivel. The talented leading lady showed up fashionably late to the screening herself, but hung around long enough to look at all the tortured faces as they made their way out of the theatre in the end.

Mercifully, she didn’t ask them for their responses to the film, instead whispered an apology into their ears when they leaned over for an obligatory air-kiss.

Bravo! If only more actors and filmmakers had a sense of humour about their mistakes, instead of losing objectivity and expecting everyone to sing paeans to all their output, no matter how substandard.

Our Guess:
Actress: Kalki Koechlin