Blind Item(Rajeev Masand)-6thOct

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It is now a well known fact that two heroines cannot get along well with each other. Some stay cordial with each other, only to bad mouth them once their back is turned against them. The movie in question is the fourth production of the hit franchise. This movie set is now home to several unemployed stars, which includes the heroines in question. While the senior actress has proven her mettle & is taking it easy, the junior actress on the other hand was dating a director. We cringed at her performance on a chat show hosted by a powerful director cum studio boss.

Blind Item
Forget everything that you’ve read and heard about it being the happiest set in Bollywood. At least a few eyewitnesses swear that there was tension in the air each time the two female leads of this multi-starrer had to shoot together. Word is that they couldn’t see eye to eye and that their cold vibes put a lot of pressure on the rest of the unit. The two actresses had never worked together before, and although they were civil to each other at the start, things got decidedly uncomfortable as the film progressed. It got to a point where one of them began to ignore the other—pretty much pretending she didn’t exist—each time they were in each other’s vicinity, both on set and off. Things got awkward quickly for the rest of the cast who did not want to take sides.

Our Guess:
Multi starrer movie: Golmaal Again


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